[DCOT] Destruction Derby „Rumble on Paradise Island“ 21.07.2018 7:00 PM CEST English

On 21.07.218 DCOT will host Rumble on Paradise Island Destruction Derby 

Server: EU
Sprache: Deutsch/English
Datum: 21.07.2018 
Startzeit: 19:00 Uhr MESZ 
Ende: 22:30 Uhr MESZ
Modus: Custom Match
Tier: 4 OA-82 Jamila 2 

All Competitors gather at 18:45 Hours CEST on our DCOT Teamspeak3 Server http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/dcot.online/ .

This Event will be Played on Tropical Island on the small Island up north.

The Registration for this Event will be open until 21.07.2018 3 PM CEST. Here you canRegister

All Registered Players will be placed into random Groups, You will compete in the Groupphase 3 Times against each other and your gathered Damage will be accumulated, the best 15 (or more) will get their Ticket for the next Phase (and so on). 
The use of Ammo against other competitors or leaving the Area of Action (the Island) lead to Disqualifikation.
All Retrofits, Consumables and Commanders are allowed. 

The Event will be streamed by : TBA 

1st T-14 Armata-152 or Type 99A2-140 Premium MBT (the                            winner can choose one of them)
2nd All of the following Commanders John Seagrove, Kathryn Grey, Erin                  O’Conell, Alexander Cortez 
3rd    Terminator 2 Saphir Premium TD
4th    WWO Wilk Premium TD
5th    T72-M Wilk Premium MBT