DCOT explained

What is DCOT?

In short DCOT stands for Deutsche Community Organisations Team (German Community Organisation Team) it is formed by Members of the following Clans [DudS], [CSSC], [DCS], [KK], [MI3T] as the solid core, and is supported by the German Streamer Kller1993.


Why have you founded the DCOT ?

Based on a post in the forum that predicted the perish of AW, KlausHetti [IPL] and Dayan78 [DudS] felt called to change something about this current „no future“ mood and, together with Kzin [CSSC] they hosted „Operation Hope“ within the German AW community who lead to the founding of a Community based  Tournament and Event AW planning committee .

Which tournaments have we organized so far?

  • Tank Biathlon
  • PvE tournaments
  • GlOps tournaments
  • AW Olympics
  • SpecOps tournaments
  • Fun Events

I would like to work in the DCOT but how?

Contact us via e-mail info@dcot.online or you can visit the TeamSpeak3 of the DudS (duds.teamspeak3.de)  Mondays at 20:30.

Actual DCOT Members 

Dayan78 [DudS]  Kzin [CSSC]   N3VVBIE[KK]  DragoD13[DCS] Marschel[MI3T]

Streamer: Kller1993